The Man column: The sitting in your underwear edition

Article by: Ethan Long

A man should be allowed to lounge around his own domain wearing whatever he wants. Sure, America sees ads all over the place with the model man, and sure, some guys do wear whatever the models wear in the catalogs, commercials, and print advertisements. But let it be known that when the time comes, a man should be able to wear whatever he wants whenever he wants. For example, say you’re coming home after a long day at work, wearing a uniform the entire time. You have some company coming over later, including girls and such, and sure – you might want to impress some of them. But you have a few different options.

First off, you cannot wear your uniform. By the time you clock out of work, you want to bust out of that thing and into something either without a belt or with a loose fit feeling. Feeling laid back is a crucial point in letting off steam after a day’s work. Getting out of those clothes and into something way more casual is pivotal.

So say company comes over and sees you in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Don’t worry, I don’t think they’ll really say anything, and if you are trying to impress one of them and you’re worrying about your looks, then you must really not have much else to give them.

Men really shouldn’t be putting too much thought into what they wear. Sure, it’s nice to see yourself in clothes that you think make you look good but you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to do it.

A man’s domain is his right, as long as it’s legal and paid for. Who’s there to tell you what not to wear in your own place? There is nothing else more important than the following rule:

If a man had a stressful week, he should be allowed to lounge around in a bathrobe and underwear. My fellow men, tell me that there’s something more comfortable than that. Nothing beats sitting in a bathrobe watching television on a lazy Sunday.

One of the things I hated as a child was when my grandparents would buy me clothes for my birthday. Grandma, I don’t want your ugly tourist shirts from wherever you took your last trip. Dear women, don’t give the men in your life clothes for special occasions, because they will never wear them, and if they do, it’s just to please you – which is another thing a man shouldn’t have to do. A man should never have to change what he wants to do in order for you to think he’s enjoying his time with you. Men don’t like Twilight. Men don’t care about Taylor Swift.

I want to wear what I want, what I chose, and what I think everybody should just accept me in. If anyone has a problem with that, then why should I care? Men should be able to wear just about anything they choose, not what they think others would choose. Don’t go out and buy the latest fashion in hopes of not looking different, because everybody should look different, with their own styles.

I enjoy wearing my sweat pants, even with company over, because it’s not only my domain, but it’s a man’s God-given right to choose to wear whatever.

Ethan Long also enjoys wearing Speedos to bed, but that’s a story for another time.

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One thought on “The Man column: The sitting in your underwear edition

  1. I agree with you about the clothes, and Taylor Swift I’m sure is fine but whatever. However I do like Twilight. It’s a really good series. There is even a half-completed version of Twilight on Meyer’s web site from Edward’s perspective. Really good.