Staff Editorial Sept. 29, 2010

Here at the Journal, we’ve come to the realization that crazies are attempting to run the good ‘ole US of A. And yet people still think it’s a great idea to follow them? We don’t quite get it. For instance, Christine O’Donnell “dabbled in witchcraft” when she was young. Who cares if she’s a witch or not? The main issue is that the women a loose cannon, denouncing evolution and launching an anti-everything campaign that includes condoms, sex, and masturbation. Not to mention, she’s endorsed by the Tea Party, aka Sarah Palin. So Miss O’Donnell, we at the Journal do not give two craps if you are a witch or not. We do, however, find you insane and wish you away from our country. But it’s not just O’Donnell that we find to be off the rocker.

Have you heard of “Crazy Carl” Paladino, the Republican candidate for New York Governor? Well, the guy came under fire after some grimy emails were recovered in April, and although he blamed liberals for their circulation, he never actually denied sending them. And these emails were offensive – really weird stuff – tackling everything from bestiality to super racism. And for some reason, months later, he’s giving his opponent Andrew Cuomo a run for his money.

The funny thing is, Paladino is supported by the Tea Party as well. But the guy is on the complete opposite end of Christine O’Donnell’s goofball spectrum. While Carl Paladino was playing around with porn and oddly getting away with it, Christine O’Donnell was crusading against doing the deed. Yet both whack jobs are endorsed by the same “political party?” Wait, how could we  not make the connection? Oh yeah, it makes absolutely no sense!

Furthermore, how does the ever-conservative, right wing band of bummers even promote the messages of either of these two people? Think about it: Christine O’Donnell is not the Virgin Mary that a good conservative woman should be (well, sort of) and Carl Paladino is a dirty sleaze of a man.

So to that end, we ask the American public, “What’s the deal with voting for lunatics nowadays? Have we missed the memo?”

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