Van Gogh, meet Sam Adams

Rosa Mendoza
Journal Contributor

As I waited, the man keeping the line in order yelled with a smirk on his face, “Hey you guys, if you’re drinking alcohol, make sure you finish it first, because we will be pouring it out for you at the door.” Immediately, a forty-something-year-old in a graphic tee came over and offered me and mycompanion red glow sticks. The MFA was turning into a secluded forest in the middle of Maine; I was given the impression that I was going to enter some kind of rave. Subsequently, commercial hip-hop pouring out of the speakers on the way in proved otherwise.

I never thought of how amusing it would be to walk into a museum full of college students. Some students pretended to care about the history on the walls, while others were too busy playing with their hair to notice. I’ve never seen so many over-dressed people in one designated area. The world maynever know why one would wear heals to eat nachos and guacamole, but I do know that having that many drunk freshmen in the same room as a Van Gogh is a terrible idea and to be honest extremely nerve racking.

The concept was understandable. Get four hundred or so college students to come and experience the arts together. Give them free nachos, air brushed tattoos, and, if they pay extra money, get them mediocre “wangsta” rapper Sam Adams to perform. The kids love hip-hop, temporary fixes, and nachos.

Ironically their idea of interaction was a scavenger hunt, where one had to text pictures to win a t-shirt. The point of persuading eighteen-year-olds to use their cell phones more than they already do is completely repulsive. The least they could have done was plan an activity where we all got a chance to interact together and mingle, but that takes too much time and positive vibes. God forbid strangers who  all go to the same place looking for interaction get their wish granted.

The highlights of the evening were new exhibits, “Under the Skin”: Tattoos in Japanese Prints and Avedon Fashion 1944-2000.

Word of advice students: the MFA is free any and every day for Suffolk Students, and is worth taking the Green Line for.

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