University publication named national finalist

Bianca Saunders
Journal Staff

“Sometimes you just have faith in something and you have to run with it,” said Sherri Miles, editor-in-chief of Suffolk’s award-winning Arts + Sciences Magazine. The publication’s 2010 issue, Imagine, has recently earned a seat as a finalist in the Media and News Industry (min) Editorial and Design Award Competition, a highly regarded competition acknowledging publications that excel in content and design.

Five minutes before Fed Ex was to close on the eve of the application deadline, Miles found herself running there to ship copies of the Imagine issue to min, having decided to take the chance.  A few weeks later, she received a call saying Imagine was a finalist in the Magazine Design/Single Issue category alongside names such as Sports Illustrated and AARP the Magazine.  The magazine’s designer, Seth Sirbaugh, has already been named a winner in the freelance Editorial and Design category.

Since its launch four years ago, the annual magazine has grown to recognize faculty and students within the College of Arts and Sciences for their actions. Once intended only for alumni, the magazine now reaches Suffolk students, past and present.

“The journey of the magazine is similar to that of the university itself,” said Miles. “It’s on a trajectory of growth and recognition because of the passionate and purposeful people who make this place their home.”

The magazine’s team stepped up with Imagine, adding two extra sections for science and theater. There have also been additions to the alumni pages, reporting on alumni in specific fields to exemplify how degrees can be put to use. Miles said the pieces are meant to reflect the title in a way that says to students: “It’s possible. Look at what these students did.”

Suffolk University is one of two schools in the competition, the other being Harvard. However, Suffolk is the one competing in its category, which suggests to Miles a great honor: that the quality of Suffolk’s Arts + Sciences magazine is on par with brand name magazines that possess more resources for production.  However, Miles argues the content is far more important, and she believes whole-heartedly in what is within the book: “page after inspired page of learning taking place and people proud of their school.”

A ceremony will take place November 8 in New York City.  The winners of the competition will gain exposure and recognition, a crystal award, and a logo and link on the Winner’s Circle Website.

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