Suffolk graduate learns hands-on marketing at PLNDR

Suffolk senior Christos Tsatsopoulos transformed a fall internship with a budding company into a dream job. Originally from Manchester, New Hampshire, Tsatsopoulos began at Suffolk University in the fall of 2008 and recently graduated with the class of 2012. Focusing on a double major in Marketing and Management, Tsatsopoulos was able to secure a job not only in his field of interest, but all while working in the midst of streetwear culture from the heart of Boston.

“It [his four year attendance at Suffolk University] was interesting, I met a lot of people, and the professors were very enlightening. Suffolk really opens you up to a wide range of people from a lot of different countries and you meet a lot of nice people,” says Tsatsopoulos.

In company with Boston’s famed Karmaloop, Plndr has recently gained popularity with the college and young adult demographic worldwide. Attracting customers to Boston’s favorite online boutique, Plndr invites members exclusive access to flash sales of the best in streetwear brands such as Obey, Wildfox, Kid Robot, Married to the Mob and many other student favorites at significantly reduced prices. The popular flash sale site offers their customers opportunities to receive unlimited store credits and take part in weekly contests hosted on their Facebook page and Twitter.

Plndr was created to provide streetwear lovers with the opportunity to gear up with affordable clothing and accessories at a fraction of the price. As an exclusive “Members Only” online boutique, Plndr unveils new sale events almost daily, allowing customers to catch the superb sale opportunities as they come.

“I’m the Online Advertising Manager. More specifically, I handle PLNDR’s SEM, Facebook CPC, and Display channels.” explained  Tsatsopoulos. “I also secure advertising placements with other websites that share similar audiences as PLNDR. I work with analytic tools such as Google Analytics to measure the success of campaigns and essentially help PLNDR grow to it’s maximum potential.”

The memorable experiences while working for Plndr began early, on Tsatsopoulos’ very first visit with the rapidly growing company.

“I have too many memorable experiences with Plndr to name,” said Tsatsopoulos. “When they interviewed me for an internship, the person interviewed me on the fire escape because it was a beautiful day out.”
Tsatsopoulos was able to manage being a full time student and an active member of the Suffolk University community while excelling as a marketing intern in the Karmaloop family.

“I was in the entrepreneur club, I was also in the Hellenic Association for a few years. [The Hellenic Association] did a bunch, they represented the Greek organizations on the Suffolk campus.” said Tsatsopoulos. “I can’t wait to graduate. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to pick up my cap and gown today actually. I’ll continue working with Plndr, maybe later down the road I’ll consider graduate school.”

The Hellenic Association provided activities and outings to New York for students involved.

Tsatsopoulos began interning the start of his junior year. As he started taking core marketing courses and learned the material that was being taught in classes hands on at Plndr. Now a University graduate, Tsatsopoulos had the opportunity to revisit a few memorable moments as a student.

“I remember Fall semester of 2011, 15 minutes after class began, the professor never showed, so we all decided to leave. As we were waiting for the elevator, she came out and we all had to march back into the classroom,” said Tsatsopoulos.

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