Suffolk Alumn Gives Out Plenty Of Twenties

What would you do for a 20 dollar bill?  Would you walk across the street?  Would you perhaps even further go a bit further?  Well, that is the query that helped create the site “Plenty O’ Twenties”. It is a web site that gives away 20 dollar bills daily and has done so every day since its conception on September 19th, 2011.   Sounds like a scam doesn’t it? The site is product of a collaboration between Suffolk Law graduate Steven Grant and his best friend Richard Cook, who are both natives of Wakefield, Mass.

When asked about the formation of the company, Grant said that “it was formed from silly debates that Rich and I would have.”  He went on to say “We’ve known each other practically since we were born.  We were in the same nursery together.  Our friendship began at Canterbury Nursery. One day we were both wondering how far would someone go for a $20 bill.  Would you bend over to grab one?  Would you walk across the street?  We thought it could be a kind of social experiment.  I mean I know a Donald Trump type wouldn’t but it was a fun idea and it maybe it could make someone’s day.  So one day, I decided that to leave a 20 at the public library.”

While he was unsure about what happened to the twenty, when he saw that a friend of his found it and decided to put a picture of it up on Facebook he “was really intrigued with the fact that she put it up online. We really thought it was a great business idea to start up, and to see what kind of entity Plenty O’ Twenties could turn into.”  The company itself is blossoming quite nicely, as they have been giving out twenties every day, even on holidays.  So far the entire amount of cash that the duo have put out over $7,000, but don’t think this cash flow is stopping anytime soon, with a constantly growing social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and even their own app.  They also have email blasts that can advertise businesses with promotions like free money and special offers.

The future of this business was something else that Grant talked about. “Lately, businesses have been sponsoring their own $20s.  They have been hiring us to hide money in locations near them.”  He went on explain how it can help out the local economy by spending said money in local businesses. On the thought that the site might be a scam Grant said “people don’t think it’s real but it’s great once they realize that it is.”

Grant and Cook give money out of their and their sponsors’ pockets to supply the $20s.  “We both have full time jobs, so a lot of the time we go out at night and that is when we hide them.”  The business is also involved in five charities that they donate a percentage of money to. As their site states ,they’re not wealthy or crazy. They’re curious, and they want to brighten some days and help the Boston economy in their own little way.

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