Majors and Minors Expo Lights the Path to Career Choices for Students

Melissa Hanson  Asst. News Editor

Thursday Oct. 25 was the majors and minors expo event of Career Fest 2012.  Held on the 9th floor of 73 Tremont, once students exited the elevators, there was a line wrapped around the corners of the hallway of students anxiously awaiting advice from professors of each department.

Students were greeted with pamphlets and guides to the departments of the College of Arts and sciences as well as Sawyer Business School, as they swiped their Suffolk ID’s for entry.  The floor was lined with tables and representatives from each department, and Sodexo catered with cookies and brownies. Representatives from the career services were also present for guidance and advice.

The pamphlet career services gave out was a College Majors Handbook, specifically for fall 2012.  It has a list of steps in choosing a major, myths about majors, quotes from other students and what majors famous people had plus a list of possible jobs to go with majors, and the national average of the annual salary offer in that career.

Many of the tables had other handouts listing the course requirements and other general information about their departments handy for students to take.  Each of the representatives at the tables looked eager to find new faces interested in their area of study.  Some even had bowls of candy, pictures, or samplings of current student’s work present.

The government tables and sociology tables were some of the most frequented during the event.

Sophomore and sociology major Tyler Dube went to the expo and was pleased with the services and the help he received in finding a minor.

“It was really informative,” said Dube.  “All the faculty were friendly, responsive, and helpful.”

However, he did think the event was over crowded and noticed that some department tables were empty or only had one member present.  But, this did not affect Dube, as he was one of the many visiting the government and sociology tables.  He was able to decide on a minor from the event.  Although he already had an idea of what he wanted in mind, the event pushed him to declare an ISOM minor.

Dube also noticed that his peers enjoyed the event.

“They had nothing but good stuff to say about it,” he said.

Although this major and minor expo was a once-a-year event, career services is open year round and always willing to help students with the career needs.

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