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By now you’ve heard all the numbers, percentages, and outcomes of races and ballot questions across the country. Whether or not your candidate won, you went out and voted. If you didn’t — don’t complain. There are a few bits of reflection we’d like to take the time to spell out for you.

First and foremost, during this election cycle we decided to keep the Journal as unbiased as possible. reported yesterday on a Facebook note we had put up during the day stating the reasons why we haven’t made an endorsement — stating that we were one of the few college newspapers in the area who still believe objective journalism isn’t dead. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“We can hope to inform you of the facts — but that’s the extent of it. If you’ve read our opinion section over the last few months, you’ve seen that supporters from all sides have used our pages to persuade and support their respective candidates, especially those third-party candidates who were completely shut out of the race this year. If anything, we support third-party voices being heard — because the way they’re treated by the national media and CPD is disgusting, and we hope we’ve allowed you to hear about at least a few of them.”

In response to our coverage, we’ve had quite a few attackers who have called us out for either being a part of the “right-wing echo chamber” or “Fox Jr.” Can there be validity in this? Read closer. Just because our writers have covered more than a liberal angle, you want to judge the entire paper? (Editor’s note: I lean VERY far to the left. –EL)

It’s just fair to cover as many sides as possible, while giving attention to voices softened in the national media. What do we have now? America has more Republican governors, a Republican-controlled House, but the Senate now has more progressively-thinking senators. You read and voted. These changes should be because you’ve read facts and made up your decisions — not because the media told you to vote a certain way. Objective journalism isn’t dead, it survives in our passion to bring you fact-based stories and opinions through the eyes of students learning how to become seasoned journalists.

Next week we’ll bring you our coverage on a number of topics — from Elizabeth Warren to a new public noise ordinance being formed, in response to rowdy Suffolk students in the North End, which will end with the students paying out of their pockets. Also, expect an opinion piece on Aerosmith’s latest publicity stunt and how, if they were starting out today, Boston would’ve smashed them and their friends like they are doing to the current rock scene.

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