Wiz releases ONIFC

Mackenzie Cummings-Grady  Journal Staff

While not as commercially friendly as his debut, Wiz Khalifa’s new album ONIFC is a composition overall much stronger than his debut. The opening tune “Paperbonds” shows Wiz taking on a swagger similar to that of his mix tapes, most noticeably Taylor Allderice, which was released last year. The favorites on the album are undoubtedly “Work Hard Play Hard” and “Remember You (Ft. The Weeknd).” The Weeknd’s flow doesn’t exactly fit in with an album mostly about smoking and relaxing, but it’s a solid tune that will keep you bumping on the way to the club.

The themes of the songs are no different than anything Wiz has released previously. They mostly talk about smoking marijuana and just getting really high; however, there is a notion that this album is a more mature Wiz. At brief moments, he strays from his hazy beats to inspire his listeners, with songs like “Let It Go” and “Rise Above,” both of which delve into Khalifa’s constant relationship issues, which have always been a victim of the media.

Despite the immature, and laughable, album cover the songs that comprise ONIFC show Wiz finally branching off of his joint smoking tunes, a topic which was beginning to become repetitive and annoying. The whole vibe of the album is just as tension taming as his mixtapes, and while he dives into new territory on certain songs, he is still the tatted stoner king that we know and love. As finals come to a close make sure to start playing this album on repeat, we will all need it.

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