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Dear Students,

We hope that you had a great winter break as well as a great Martin Luther King Day. The Student Government Association would like to give a couple of updates for this week. Last Thursday, President McCarthy introduced the building plans for 20 Somerset at the C. Walsh Theatre to members of the Boston Community, student organizations, and faculty. 20 Somerset is expected to be built by 2015.

He announced that, “the community is very enthusiastic about the plans expanding the Suffolk campus. The building plans are now a ‘real project’.” The plans were announced as follows:

President McCarthy made it very clear that the height and width of the building is fixed. “We cannot make the building even an inch larger” said the President. The building stands 8 floors high and 2 floors below. The pictures and floor plans are conceptual. 20 Somerset will be fully equipped with a new dining hall, lounge areas for students, science classrooms (not labs), and conference areas.

The plaza located in front of 20 Somerset will be used for students although it is owned by Massachusetts. Suffolk has agreed to maintain this area. Glass will be put around the entire staircase to encourage students to take the stairs instead of the elevators. There will only be three elevators in this new building.

There are 1,200 seats in Donahue, Archer, Fenton, and Ridgeway combined. 20 Somerset is expected to hold 1,072 seats. The schools plan is to sell Fenton and Ridgeway. President McCarthy also reassures the Suffolk community that it will not lose its gym. They are hoping that whoever buys the Ridgeway building, will lease back the gym to Suffolk. However, there will no longer be a bookstore in the Ridgeway building. Fenton will be completely sold.

As for Donahue and Archer, these buildings will no longer be used for classroom activity. They will be used for offices. 73 Tremont has two floors with no activity. This area is 50,000 square feet of unoccupied space and will be used for offices as well. The dining hall in Donahue will no longer be used; a dining hall in 20 Somerset will replace it. President McCarthy is expecting to have finalized plans by June 2013.

The board also met that Thursday, and was able to discuss some student issues. We would like to welcome Cate Connerty, SGA’s new grad fellow.  We will be tabling at the Winter Involvement Fair this Thursday from 12-2pm in the 9th floor of 73 Tremont. See you there!


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