Ellie Goulding makes the most of her recent visit to the Hub, then Tweets about it

Annie Walsh  Journal Staff

British sensation Ellie Goulding released her album Halcyon in October of 2012. Goulding launched her tour on Jan. 16 and made her way to the House Of Blues Boston last Wednesday. Her set list contained 19 unforgettable songs from her new album as well as songs like “Under The Sheets” and “Guns and Horses” from her previous album and her renowned cover of Elton John’s “Your Song.”  As Goulding stepped out onto the stage wearing only a pair of black leather pants, a grey t-shirt and a beanie, the crowd immediately fell instantly further in love with her adorability and humbleness. It seemed the authentic songwriter was revealing herself to the Boston audience as she explained that she was wearing a beanie to cover up the bad day hair she was having. She’s normal too!

After finishing the first couple of songs on the set list, Goulding captivated the audience as she paused for a moment to comment on the atmosphere.

“I’ve never been to Boston before but I love this venue. I can see everyone’s faces, even you up there in the balcony. I think that’s really important to see how my songs affect you.”

As the show went on, Goulding went from utilizing her entire band, the infinite amounts of light programming, and a special effects microphone, to stripping everything away and facing the crowd with nothing but her soothing voice and a guitar. Singing “Guns and Horses,” Ellie united the crowd as she welcomed audience members to sing the refrain alone as, “but I wish I could feel it all for you,” echoed through the House of Blues as an acapella song. As one of her band members came out with the grand piano accompanying her to “Your Song,” the crowd went absolutely crazy for the song as the ballad persuaded everyone to sing their hearts out. Ellie told the story of the time she performed this song for the royal family and how her and her band member “peed their pants.”

Goulding had many other stories that went along with other songs she performed, explaining the meaning behind them or how she was feeling when she wrote them. After her single “Lights” became a huge success, she felt the pressure to write her next album. She focused this album on her experiences with love and other personal matters. She revealed that her song, “I Know You Care” was about her father and as she sang the song, her words seemed to possess an even greater meaning to the audience.  Although her ballads and slower songs were incredibly powerful, her upbeat songs had a beat that went straight into the soul.

At times when she seemed delicate and soft singing her ballads, Goulding would complete a 180 with powerful passion and creative moves.  She had her very own drum set by her microphone stand that she would simultaneously hit. Every strike of her drum could be felt in the deepness of your chest. Not only did she win over the audience with her fervent singing, but her noticeable coyness was also quick to turn into a sex vixen with her sensual hip thrusts and circles. Audience members became so enthralled in her performance that many girls threw their bras on stage which she later tweeted, “Boston show= Sick… Not sure why but had a lot of bra’s thrown at me.” She also posted a picture of all the bras thrown at her via Instagram. Goulding likely won’t be forgetting the show she performed at the House of Blues in Boston for a while.

As she left the stage to end the show, the audience cheered her back to fulfill their yearning for more. This encore consisted of two more final songs including her hit “Lights” with quite the twist. The remix of the song was out of this world with dubstep incorporated, an outstanding end to an amazing and thrilling concert. I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of a very long and fulfilling career for Ellie Goulding and that we will be seeing much more of her.

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