A Word from the SGA

Dear Students,


The Student Government Association would like to give a few updates for this week. This past week, initiatives provided funds for the International Affairs Association, so they can attend their conference that will be held in New York. We would like to congratulation Justin Pires for becoming a senator for the class of 2016.

Furthermore, this week was the meeting that was mandatory for all the students that are running for a senator position next year. Good luck to everyone that is running! The packets were due Tuesday, February 26th at 5:00pm. We invite the Suffolk community to join us for Open Forum, a very important event for the Student Government Association.

There have been a few minor changes to the initiative by-laws. If your organization is planning at coming in front of the Finance Committee to request an amount for an event, make sure the by-laws are read and you are familiar with them.

This week will be Open Forum for the candidates for 2013-2014 Executive Board. Please join us at the C. Walsh Theatre this Thursday at 1pm.  This is your chance to ask the candidates anything you would like!

Save the date for SGA elections on March 4th through 6th. This is when you pick the students that you want to represent you. SGA will be tabling in the Donahue lobby and Sawyer café on Tuesday, March 5th, stop by the table and get free Pinkberry. SGA will also be tabling in the Residence Halls during elections, be on the look out!

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


Have a great week,


Student Government


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