Chicago’s famed Fall Out Boy makes a comeback after major hiatus

Alexandra martinez  Journal Contributor

Three years of denial and silence were broken on Monday Feb. 4, 2013 when pop-punk band Fall Out Boy announced they were coming out of a long drawn-out hiatus. Prior to this the quartet from Chicago. denied any rumors of the band ever getting back together to make music. But Monday, the silence was broken with a promise to “Save Rock N’ Roll” and in doing this the band released a new single, announced a new record and a full U.S. tour all for May.
The new single comes after a rumor saying the band was making music in the last week of January was quickly silenced across social media by bassist Pete Wentz and guitarist Joe Trohman. But on Feb. 4, the band dropped the latest single “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” which seems to embody the new sound of Fall Out Boy. According to an official statement by the band, via their website, “this is the future of Fall Out Boy.”
The song is much older and mature to what fans heard on 2008’s Folie a Deux which has a more somber sound than this single. The high beat single laden with heavy guitar riffs and strong drumming shows a new sound for the quartet, one that is much more mature than previous records and is more heavy when it comes to both sound and vocals. A kind of anthem almost with how the song presents itself, it is a different side to the band.
From the backing singing that reminds the listener of a late 80s rock-and-roll band to Patrick Stump’s much more mature vocals, the band is ready to set off a new year with an album that marks the 10-year release of their first album Take This To Your Grave. The new album Save Rock n Roll will be available worldwide May 6 with a full tour to follow later that month.

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