Drake releases new single under the radar; highest paid R&B artist ‘Started From the Bottom’

Mackenzie Cummings-Grady  Journal Staff

While the world drools over Fall Out Boy’s unexpected reunion, a much more popular artist released a new single this week that completely slipped under the radar. Drake, the highest paid R&B artist of the 21st century, released a new single on Tuesday called “Started from the Bottom.” As his incredibly successful sophomore effort “Take Care” moves closer to achieving three times platinum, he released a teaser of a single to show his fans new music is soon to come. I use the term “teaser”  because it seems to me to be an almost reproduction of the “Over My Dead Body” intro from “Take Care” which, despite being one of my personal favorite tracks off the album, didn’t provide the punch that “Underground Kings” or “We’ll Be Fine” did. While the beat is no different from Drake’s formula of hollow drums and atmospheric 808’s, the song in itself seems a bit empty, and would serve better as an introduction to a more expansive recording. Also, Drake’s continued repetition of “started from the bottom now we here” is the poorest excuse for a chorus I’ve seen this year. As an artist I have immense faith and respect for Mr. Graham, and know that when the timing is right he will hit the public with another chart-topper.  As for now he has only left me wanting more, which is perhaps what he meant to do anyways. “Take Care” for me is still on continuous repeat, and considering it was only released a year ago, I am completely willing to let Drake take his time in making his next record. For now his sophomore effort still has me satisfied.

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