Rams ready to end regular season in style, prepare for playoffs

Having played 22 games in the regular season so far, not counting the preseason exhibition game in New Hampshire, the Rams are currently 8-14. Eight wins are what the Rams achieved last season, and now they have a chance to improve. There are only three games left in the regular season and then it’s time for the critical playoff stage. Senior Co-Captain Matt Pepdjonovic who has been a part of the team since 2009, understands how important it is to get into a good streak prior to the playoffs.

“The last games of the regular season will be very crucial for us. We need momentum going into the playoffs so wins are a must” Pepdjonovic said. The last three games are against Mount Ida, Emerson and Rivier, all teams that the Rams are capable of beating. Earlier this season Suffolk beat both Mount Ida and Rivier, while the Emerson game was postponed by the snow storm Nemo. The “battle of Tremont Street” has been moved from Saturday Feb. 9 until Thursday Feb. 16.

The playoffs consist of only three games: a quarterfinal, a semi-final and the final. If the Rams hit their form at the right time they could very well win the league trophy this year. When asked the question of how he would celebrate if the rams win the GNAC, Pepdjonovic had no doubts and he confidently substituted the word “if” with the word “when”: “When we win the GNAC conference my only celebration reaction would be to jump on my teammates and cause a big pile up on the center court of the host team’s gym floor,” Pepdjonovic said.

The Rams played some terrific games at the end of January when they defeated first seeded Albertus Magnus and other great GNAC teams. The winter break struggles were long gone and the Rams got back to their dynamic game. The only game where they seemed to struggle was the Anna Maria game. ”The Anna Maria game was a tough one we let slip away. We had the lead at the half and we were feeling confident, but at the end we defeated ourselves. It’s hard to win any game when you turn over the ball 28 times,” Pepdjonovic said. Anna Maria is without any doubt an extremely competitive team that seems to be the strongest at the moment in the GNAC conference. Anna Maria beat both Albertus Magnus and recently Suffolk. The Rams played a first half in which they were leading 20-12 at one point, and it was 36-33 at the half. Anna Maria started to dominate the game in the second half. In the end the Anna Maria Cats (AMCats) won the game 74-61. The Rams were close, but it was simply not their day. Even though Suffolk lost the game, there were positive elements like Colin Halpin’s 21 points and Matt Pepdjonivic’s 12 rebounds. The Rams have moved on and are now ready to finish the regular season in style. The most important part of the season is coming up very soon.

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