Suffolk students hit the Frog Pond ice

Joey Johnson  Journal Staff

Suffolk students braved the deep snow this Sunday, and joined many others at the Boston Common Frog Pond for a free skate session, followed by hot chocolate and cookies at 150 Tremont.

The annual event is hosted by both the Department of Residence Life and the Alumni Association. It was open only to Suffolk students, which allows for many kids to be able to skate freely without feeling pressured.

“It’s been going on for longer than I can remember, honestly,” says Caroline Davis, Associate Director of Residence Life. “At least five years I think.”

Sophomore Dialis Molina took advantage of the opportunity to try her hand at skating.

“I’ve never tried skating before in my life,” she said, “I really wanted to go last year, so when I saw that it was coming back I was really excited. Also the fact that it’s free makes it really easy. And since the rink isn’t as packed as it usually is, it helps with learning.”

With the weekend’s blizzard having come and gone, the danger of the event being cancelled subsided.

“We talked pretty much all weekend with the Frog Pond people, and made sure everything was squared away,” said Davis. “Since the storm has gone, it’s actually really nice weather for skating. It’s warm enough for people to enjoy themselves. We had to ask for the nice fog though,” she joked.

The event went from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., and students were joined by Rammy, who also skated.

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