The Story In Between: Case 002

Case 002 shares the story of Brian Wu, an exchange student at Suffolk University from Taipei, Taiwan. Wu was born in Taipei in 1992. In 2005, he moved to Australia for four years to learn English. Wu will be in Boston for one year studying marketing.

 About this post: “The Story In Between” is a blog dedicated to interviewing immigrants and sharing their stories. This blog stems from the “Our Journey Project”, a website where the personal accounts of immigrants from various places in the U.S. are published. For more information, visit

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One thought on “The Story In Between: Case 002

  1. This is a wonderful series Dani, congratulations! I am teaching a class on bilingualism and cultural identity and I will be sure to share the cases with my students.
    Linda Foley-Vinay
    CLAS, Suffolk University