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Think positive, be positive and positive things will happen. These are the words that describe the essence of The Adam Kaplan Radio Show and its host Adam Kaplan. The talk show had its premiere Sept. 25 on the Suffolk campus and since   has made progress with more than 250 supporters on the show’s official Facebook page. Suffolk varsity basketball player Adam Kaplan runs the show every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Suffolk Free Radio. 

Simply by entering the room the show is hosted in, one can already feel the positive energy in the air. When one sits down and the show is about to begin, Kaplan is very exited to have you on the show and it shows how much he loves to be a host and interview people on the radio. Adam is one of the most positive people out there and that sparkles up the show.

There is so much positive energy in Kaplan that you can feel it in the room when you walk in and it charges you in a positive way. A big smile comes up on his face as he starts the show. “Hello everyone and welcome to today’s episode of The Adam Kaplan Show. Today’s episode will be recorded via camera. I’m very excited today. I have two guests on the show today – Ryan Chevalier and Vassili Stroganov.”

Kaplan always wanted to have his own radio show, but he never had the time for it. The junior athlete felt that now was the perfect time to start. Kaplan is a fan of Howard Stern and has been since childhood. Being in showbiz is a family thing for the Kaplan’s, as his older brother is an Emerson graduate and now a writer in California. He has been writing for TV shows such as The Following starring Kevin Bacon and the show Fearless. One day, Adam hopes to have a show like the Conan O’Brien show or the Howard Stern show.

In September, Kaplan went to the Suffolk job fair. He met the radio people, including Steve Thomas, who taught him how to run a radio show and explained all the technical details. Today, he considers his decision to be very important in his life. “I love it. It’s the best decision I made at Suffolk and one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I found a new hobby” Adam said.

With The Adam Kaplan Show, his goal is to interview interesting people with interesting topics. The show is hosting two celebrities this month. One of them is Tamir Goodman who is called the “Jewish Michael Jordan” and could have played in the NBA, but turned down millions for the love of his religion. The other celebrity to be on the show is Mike Bocchetti, who has been on the Howard Stern Show multiple times and is currently on the Artie Lange Show. He also had a small part in the Robert De Niro movie The Family. Kaplan talked about his previous guests on the show.

“So far, I had three great guests on the show. My first week [on the air], I had martial arts expert Forbes Lau. My second guest was Jim Nelson, the old Athletic Director, who is just an unbelievable human being, one of the greatest human beings you will ever meet.  Also I had Ryan Chevalier from Clash of the Rams who is also a member of the Suffolk tennis team.”


Photo by Vassili Stroganov

Chevalier, who has been a part of the Suffolk men’s tennis team for two years now and has a GNAC Championship under his belt already, talked about his team.

“The team has been great for me and how we come together as a group. We are all friends, we see each other on campus and we like to hang out. There is great team chemistry. I have never seen college tennis played at this level. In high school, you have some good kids and some kids who are awful, but in college every kid is competitive.”

The men’s tennis team does not only have a great chemistry, but is also known as the most successful Suffolk team in recent years having won four GNAC Championships in the past five years. Last year it were very close to winning their fifth trophy, but in the end Ramapo College of New Jersey came up stronger.

“That last game in our tennis season, the emotions went up and down like crazy and you all share them together as a team.”

Chevalier remembers explained one particular episode with the team that he will never forget. “During my freshman year when we were playing a match against our rivals Emerson College and I was walking to the van after the match and just looking at my phone. All of a sudden I looked up because I just got in this white van and I’m thinking we’re going to go back. I sit down, I look up from my phone and it turned out that I was on the Emerson bus and they looked back at me and they said: ‘who are you’ and I said: ‘oh I’m on the wrong bus’ and I felt pretty low there. I just wanted to get back to the Suffolk side before they beat me up and left me,” said Chevalier while laughing louder than the audience on SNL.

These hilarious situations are what will always be remembered when you remember your athletic college career and looking back, Chevalier is extremely happy he chose Suffolk University not only because of athletics, but because of the academics as well.

“I choose Suffolk because it is right in Boston and I really felt that it had the media that I liked for my broadcast journalism major and we have a studio right down the street. We are the only school that has a set-up with an actual news network so that was pretty big in my decision,” Chevalier continued.

Chevalier is also part of the Suffolk sports talk show Clash of the Rams that is in its third season now. Being a student athlete as well as a radio host Kaplan is about to start the basketball season with Suffolk: “We start the season on Tuesday and I am just very excited to be healthy and get out there with my teammates and play. Physically, I am doing much better than last year. I love playing here and I think Division III is very underrated. Once you get to college every player is good. They are the top players from their high schools and it’s only one percent of high school athletes who even go to play in college and there is so few colleges so it’s very hard.”

Kaplan describes that coming to Suffolk was the best decision in his life: “I came on a tour to Suffolk during my senior year of high school and I liked it a lot, but I ended up going to Curry College which is in the middle of nowhere,” he said. “Good school and all, but nowhere close to the great Suffolk University which I love. The Curry basketball coach just pulled me in. He showed me all the great facilities and the campus looked like the one from the Van Wilder movie. So I get there in August, everyone is gone, the weekends are very empty and I am in the middle of nowhere. I am so happy I transferred to Suffolk. I need to be in a city. I am a cultured guy. If I want to go to Subway, I want to go to Subway. I don’t have to eat school food all day. I got to say that transferring to Suffolk was the best decision in my life and I am proud to be a Ram. We have a great coach here in Adam Nelson.”

“Adam is a great kid. He has a very energetic personality, and is very passionate about basketball,” men’s basketball head coach Adam Nelson, who will be on the show in the near future said. “I have not heard the show yet, but have heard great things about it.  It seems like he has gotten quite a following! I have already been asked to be a guest of his on the show, and I am really looking forward to it.”

We all know how important it is to have a great network of friends and colleagues when you get to college and you want to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Kaplan had some sincere and admirable words to say to his friends and supporters: “I have been blessed with such great supporters and I want to thank all my friends for the huge support. If it wasn’t for my teammates, my friends and family there would be no Adam Kaplan Show, so thank you all. Whatever my team mates, colleagues or friends need from me, I will be there for them. Positive mind equals positive life.”

If you want to know more about The Adam Kaplan Show, check out the show’s Facebook. You can reach Kaplan through @AdamKaplanShoww on Twitter and The Adam Kaplan Radio Show on Facebook. There is no doubt that the Adam Kaplan Show makes a positive impact on the Suffolk community and helps create an even greater atmosphere on campus.


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