About Gianna Carchia

I am studying English at Suffolk University and serving as a Team Leader for Jumpstart. I have a passion for early childhood education and hope to someday become an elementary school teacher or work for a youth organization. In the meantime, I'm loving my senior year of college and being on the Journal for four years has been a great way to learn new valuable skills and make great friends!
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Celebrity deaths monopolize media

Before Saturday, I had no idea how many of my friends were big fans of Paul Walker. Personally, I have never seen a Fast & Furious movie, I think I might have accidentally watched Eight Below onc...
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The Sox celebration Boston deserves

Everyone is talking about how insane it will be if the Red Sox can pull it off this week in Game 6 or 7 of the World Series. The city is buzzing with energy and excitement, and the people on the side...

Venture launches annual magazine

This past Friday, Venture hosted a launch party to celebrate the release of its annual publication. This year, the three hour event was held in the Donahue café. A little fewer than 100 people attend...