Photo courtesy of SGA's Facebook.

A word from SGA

Dear new Suffolk Students, The Student Government Association serves as the voice of the undergraduate student body at Suffolk University. Also known as SGA, we provide funding and support for the ne...
Suffolk's first female president, Margaret McKenna (above) 
served as president of Lesley University for 22 years, 
and later as president of the Walmart Foundation, 
before joining Suffolk.

Suffolk got it right choosing Margaret

Suffolk you did it, you finally proved to your community that diversity means something to you aside from your advertisements and international student population. Suffolk University finally chose a ...
Sam Humphrey/Journal Staff

An open letter to group project slackers

Reading or hearing that phrase “group projects” is enough to make my stomach turn over and twist into a knot. We’ve all had projects, so you would hope your peers would acknowledge the project will l...