Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan/Journal Staff

Smith, Sodexo slash dining costs

If you’ve bought food on campus this semester, you may or may not have noticed a drop in prices. During winter break, Interim President Norman Smith partnered with Sodexo to reduce prices of food and...
Paleo Diet-friendly chicken salad on a bed of vegetables with an avacado-lime dressing prepared by News Editor Thalia Yunen.
(Photo by Thalia Yunen)

The Paleo Diet: what you should know

You’ve probably heard of the “primal eating” trend, more commonly known as the Paleo diet. The idea behind this diet is that it encourages us to eat like our ancestors did. Two point six million year...

Hostess demise long overdue: terrible food

Anya Batrakova  Journal Staff   Hostess – the old, beloved brand based in Irving, Texas – is finally going out of business, and it has stirred up quite a controversy. The union strike, and the e...